“The Van Pletsen Saga” by Helen Lewald (nee Van Pletsen)

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17 responses to ““The Van Pletsen Saga” by Helen Lewald (nee Van Pletsen)

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  2. Andries Van Pletzen

    Hi Blane

    Thanks for taking the time to translate this piece and making it available to all of us. This lines up with pieces of stories that my father told me what he heard from his father and uncles. My father is from the Burgersdorp Van Pletzen. My late uncle lived there until he died three years ago. My father settled in Aliwal North with one of my uncles farming in Rouxville. His son stil farms on the farm in Rouxville. I live with my family in the USA, emigrated here 5 years ago. We live in Appleton Wisconsin. Once again thank you for this, I really enjoyed it.


  3. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!



  4. Cheryl van Pletzen

    I married Ronald James van Pletzen son of Ronald Raymond van Pletzen of Port Elizabeth.
    I will forward this website to him as this may be of great interest to him!
    Kind regards


  5. Ronelle Smith (nee Crouse)

    Happened upon your site and read with fascination through many familiar family names. I am the youngest daughter of Kootie Crouse whom I believe was a cousin. Some years ago Dina (grandaughter of Dulcie) stayed with us whilst visiting London. Would it have been possible that I met you at Hetta’s Empson’s house about 20 years ago?

    With kind regards
    Ronelle Smith


  6. Ansie van Pletzen


    My father is one of the van Pletzen’s from Jamestown – Aliwal North area. He will no doubt find this interesting. Will keep an eye on the website for new developments.

    Ansie van Pletzen


  7. Lovely story, great read.
    Von Plentzner is of Austrian decent, and is an Aristocratic surname, search for Gustav Von Plentzner he was born around 1864, he had a son Karl Emil Angelo. Unfortunately I dont have his Dad’s or his brother’s details only his.
    Hope it helps


    • Pletzen and Plentzner isnt the same. The name Plentzner come from west Slovakia and its origin is Pläntzner or Plentzner . I found records in noble families in Liptov , Levoča from 1691 to 1750. There is nothing to do with van Plessen.


  8. Johan Daniel Van Pletzen

    We are from the Jamestown- Floukraal area. My dad is Stephanus Albertus van Pletzen and his dad Pieter Wessels van Pletzen. My dad is now farming in the Lydenburg area. I am staying for the last 4 years in Papua New Guinea with my wife and two daughters. Great site!!


  9. Thank you for compiling this for us – I’m not sure whether to be most proud of being a descendent of a horse thief or a mercenary with Napoleon! In case you continue to add to the family tree, may I give you my details. I am the son of Carl and Margaret van Pletsen. They had five children: Carl Raymond van Pletsen, Margaret Larraine Kaufman, Peter van Pletsen, Catherine Lee Anderssen, and Michael van Pletsen. I (Carl Raymond) have a son Ryan David van Pletsen and a daughter Mandy Lynn Lange. Mandy has four children: Blake Allen, Braeden Daniel, Catherine Kendall and Abigail Olivia.


  10. Phillip van Pletzen

    Hi my father was Ben van Pletzen original from Jamestown -Aliwal North aria. He Passed away Desember 7 2007.I was Lucky enough to be able to obtain the family crest after a search for about two years.


  11. Antoinette van Pletzen (nee Liebenberg)

    We are STILL staying in Jamestown! I’m married to the eldest son Jannie of Diederik Johannes (Dirk) and Luitje Elsabé (Babsie) van Pletzen (nee Wagenaar).


  12. Charmyne Estelle van Pletzen

    My father was Phillipus Arnoldus van Pletzen born on 1940-06-17 and died on 1994-01-30. He worked for the prison department for 30 years and retired in January 1992. He was married to Gwendoline Patricia Wallace born on 1942-03-15 and died on 1995-10-07. My parents had 3 children 1st born Phillipus Arnoldus (Andre),2nd Thomas Leonard(Leonard) and3rd was me. My fathers parents were Phillipus Arnoldus (arrie) van Pletzen and Susanna Cornelia van Pletzen. They had 3 sons and a daughter 1st Kas van Pletzen, 2nd Phillip van Pletzen(my father), 3rd Daan van Pletzen and 4rth was a suster Miem van Pletzen


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