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NEW BLOG! The van Pletzen Saga

I’ve noticed that the van Pletzen posts generate the most interest on this little blog. Lots of bits and pieces of the family tree have been coming in from around the world in blog comments, emails and my own research. Rather than trying to make sense of it all here, Blane and I decided it was time to start a new blog expressly devoted to the van Pletzen saga.

So….drum roll…put your hands together for….The van Pletzen Saga, a new blog expressly devoted to the van Pletzen saga!

The idea is that it starts with “The Van Pletsen Saga” that many van Pletz(s)ens have read and commented on. As I gather additional information and create family connections to the “saga”, I’ll link from the “saga” to new pages with additional info: images of documents, pictures and additional family tree. Hopefully, this format will help keep things better organized and make it easier for everyone to see how we’re all related.

I also put a “subscribe” button at the top of the right column, so subscribe when you go there to receive email updates anytime new information is posted. In the near future I think I’m going to create a Facebook page and twitter ID for it as well to help with conversation and sharing.

I just started “The van Pletzen Saga” blog yesterday, so it’s still a work in progress and I have a lot of information to add. Subscribe or visit often to see what’s new! And, by all means, send your info to be added to the tree!

Check it out at http://vanpletzensaga.wordpress.com today!


van Pletzens

Today I was going through the many comments left by van Pletzen family members. I think that family has received the most interest on this little blog, and the family is much bigger and more widespread than I imagined.

In browsing through the comments and trying to tie family members together, one thing became very clear very quickly–I need more than names. If you are a van Pletzen, send me your info–parents’ names, grandparents’ names, aunts, uncles–anything you can think of. And most importantly, please include any dates and places you know–birth dates and places, death dates and places. The more information the better!

Hopefully with more information, I’ll be able to tie some of you into the van Pletzen Saga!

Seeking van Pletzen/van Pletsen descendants

In preparing for our trip to South Africa next month, Blane and I came across an old history of his family written in Afrikaans titled “Die Van Pletsen Saga” by Helen Lewald (nee van Pletsen). For several years he had been meaning to translate it, and finally did a few months ago to post on his blog.

This weekend I decided it would be kind of neat to find as many descendants of the original van Pletsen in South Africa (the “old immigrant”) Carl Johannes von Plessen. According to “Die Van Pletsen Saga”, he was born in East Prussia in 1795, fled the country for some reason and settled in the Brabant region of Belgium where he fought (literally) alongside Napolean. Then, for unknown reasons, he stowed away on a ship to South Africa. He was almost dead by the time the ship arrived, but luckily survived long enough to marry, have a large family, settle a farm in South Africa, and die an old man in 1888 in Rouxville, South Africa.

As far as I can tell, most descendants are still in South Africa, although I’m sure there are those who have emigrated to other parts of the world. The history of the authors line can be found both on my blog and my partner Blane’s blog. Blane has both the original Afrikaans as well as the English translation. I only posted the English translation as I don’t understand Afrikaans. (Blane has had comments posted in Afrikaans on his blog, and I’d rather not simply due to my current lack of understanding–however, I do hope to learn that language one day!)

Blane’s line of ancestry to the “old immigrant” is posted on a public family tree at Ancestry.com.