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Begg lines revisited: The joys of intermarriage

Yesterday, I was inspired by a comment left on a blog post about Samuel Begg. The post was written by my mother-in-law about her grandfather, and posted on my husband’s blog to share with the world. (This, by the way, is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging about my genealogy finds–hearing from distant cousins.) So, I decided to revisit the Begg lines and see if there was any new information out there.

Since that part of the family is from Scotland, I went back to ScotlandsPeople, a site I haven’t visited in a while–been concentrating on South Africa a lot lately. I didn’t have a lot of luck on Beggs themselves, but I hit a vein on the related McCrone line.

Elizabeth McCrone was the great-great grandmother of Samuel Begg, making her my great-great-great-great grandmother-in-law. Her daughter, Anne Stevenson, married James Begg around 1836, probably in Muirkirk, Ayrshire, Scotland (that’s a record I should look for). That’s just background…

I had already found Anne Stevenson Begg’s death record showing her parents as Thomas Stevenson and Elizabeth McCrone. Last night, I was able to find Elizabeth’s death record (27 Mar 1858 in Muirkirk), her marriage to Thomas Stevenson (27 Jun 1794 in Muirkirk), and her birth record (25 Mar 1778 in Muirkirk) which included the names of her parents, John McCrone and Mary Aird.

With those names, I did a search and was able to find the birth records of three more children of John and Mary Aird McCrone–a daughter, Christian (b. 11 Aug 1780 in Muirkirk), a son Hugh (b. 26 Jul 1794 in Muirkirk) and another son, John (b. 20 Apr 1797, d. 26 Nov 1797, both in Muirkirk). My instincts tell me that there must be more children between Christian and Hugh, as there is a 14 year difference in their ages. I’ll have to do more searching.

HERE’S WHERE THINGS GET INTERESTING…..and why I like doing research in Scotland….

Remember James Begg (Elizabeth McCrone’s son-in-law)? It turns out (and I already knew this) that he is the illegitimate son of one Adam Begg, Jr. and CHRISTIAN MCCRONE, born in Muirkirk on 4 June 1809. I don’t have any proof yet, but I highly suspect that his mother and his future mother-in-law were sisters…making his wife his cousin! This probably wasn’t totally unheard-of, though, so don’t freak out too much!

Better yet (and still no concrete connections) is what I found on Elizabeth brother’s birth register. Her brother, Hugh–his full name is Hugh BEGG McCrone. That would indicate that the McCrone family had a connection to the Begg family long before Elizabeth’s daughter married James Begg and her other daughter…well….”knew” Adam Begg (at least twice, incidentally…Adam and Christian had two illegitimate sons, James and Adam III (b. 20 Jun 1804 in Muirkirk) before Adam Jr. went off and married Sarah Broadfoot in 1818. (I have never found a marriage record for Adam Jr. and Christian McCrone, nor do I know what happened to Christian after her two sons were born.)

So, before this line gets any more entangled I think I need to unravel it before moving on to another line. Otherwise, I’ll never figure it out when I come back to it.