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Lumbersexual ancestors update

Beard experiment

Five weeks untouched

It’s been about five weeks since I officially declared a ban on shaving, and I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the results. I haven’t shaved or trimmed at all since then. I hadn’t really trimmed it for three or four weeks before that, except for a slight trimming before going to the New York State Family History Conference. I was on the fence about it then, but the barber said she liked it as it was, and just did a light trim on it.

So it’s really been about two months of practically no trimming or grooming, and it’s filling out nicely. I’m not quite sure which ancestor wins yet, though. I think it’s really a combination, which makes sense since we’re all really a combination of our ancestors. I think I can say that I’m not going to get one of those ZZ Top beards, though. It just doesn’t seem to be growing in a way that would hang nicely. It’s more of a “wrap-around” sort of beard. If it were white, it would probably make a fairly decent Santa Claus beard after a while.

But next week I need to go into the office, so yesterday I went to the barber for a trim. I was trying to decide if this experiment was coming to an end, or if it was just time to start shaping and grooming. Fortunately, again, a good barber told me that he liked my beard, and gave some good advice on how he could groom it without losing it. So the experiment is still on! I’ll post another update in about a month.

After first grooming

After first grooming


Our “lumbersexual” ancestors

I was looking through pictures of my ancestors and noticed, particularly with my great-great grandfathers, that they tended to sport pretty amazing beards.

Henry William Miller

Great-great-great grandfather Henry William Miller

Joseph Edouard Clausse

Great-great grandfather Joseph Edouard Clausse

This got me thinking about genetics, and wondering what I would have looked like in a day when beards like this were in fashion.

Fortunately for me, the “lumbersexual” is the new thing now. The beard, plaid shirts, scruffy hair. Ok, so they weren’t true “lumbersexuals”. No plaid (at least not in these pictures). And the hair is what it is. But most were farmers of some sort, so I’m sure they weren’t all cleaned-up like this on a daily basis.

Great-great grandfather Hyrum Rands

Great-great grandfather Hyrum Rands

Great-great grandfather William van Orden Carbine

Great-great grandfather William van Orden Carbine

So, I’m doing a little experiment in genetics. It’s an easy experiment. Doesn’t take much work–in fact, less work than normal. I’m just going to stop shaving for a while and see which ancestor I resemble the most beard-wise.

And, since I live in Buffalo and winter is ALWAYS just around the corner, it’ll make for some good insulation. Here’s too facial hair!