Ancestry is in my DNA

When I came to FGS2014, I fully expected to learn a lot about genealogy, meet some professional genealogists, get some good deals on books and subscriptions, and maybe meet a distant cousin. But, I never expected to see myself in a lecture slide!

In a seminar about using AncestryDNA in your research, the lecturer, Anna Swayne of AncestryDNA, was using her own DNA results and matches as an example throughout her presentation. Towards the beginning, she mentioned the name of her great-great grandfather, Timothy Winter. My great-great grandmother, Sarah Phylis Winter, had a brother named Timothy, so that perked my attention. Still, that’s a fairly common name.

Later in the presentation there was a slide showing some of her matches on AncestryDNA. I was sitting towards the back, and I really need glasses, so it looked a lot like this not-so-clear picture.


Just before Anna changed to the next slide, I realized that the fifth result from the top was me! I kind of quietly freaked out a bit, wanting to stop and ask her to go back, but not wanting to hijack her excellent presentation. I chose the latter, and patiently waited for everyone that had questions to talk to her before introducing myself. I don’t think I’ve had a better first-time reunion! We are fourth cousins, sharing our 3rd great-grandparents, Thomas William Winter and Myra Clayton.


Anyway, you never know what you’ll find at a genealogy conference!


3 responses to “Ancestry is in my DNA

  1. A great story. I bet you will be mentioned in many future lectures given by Anna. Thanks for sharing this story.


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