Younge family records found in Zimbabwe

A few days ago I discovered that FamilySearch now has death notices and indexes from Zimbabwe available online. This is good news for my other blog project, as part of the van Pletzen family migrated from South Africa to Zimbabwe around the turn of the 20th century. While browsing them to find van Pletzen records, I happened across another family name–Younge. My grandfather-in-law, Gert Frederik Heyns van Pletzen, married Ethel Bayman Younge. With the help of a reader who was kind enough to point me in the right direction, I was able to find her parents (James Forrest and Ethel Mary Bayman Younge), grandmother (Susan Forrest Younge), an aunt and uncle (Allan Gillespie and Jean Morrison Dempster Younge), and her half-brother (William Younge).

Allan Gillespie Younge -- death notice 1935

Ethel Mary (née Bayman) Younge -- death notice, 1944

James Forrest Younge -- death notice, 1942

Susan (née Forrest) Younge -- death notice, 1930

William Younge -- death notice, 1923


10 responses to “Younge family records found in Zimbabwe

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  2. How amazing. Did you ever find James and Ethel’s son James’ death cert?


  3. I haven’t yet. I’m assuming he died in Zimbabwe, and those records aren’t searchable yet on Do you know when he died?


  4. I don’t – my dad and his mother had moved back to SA – is was roughly 1959… I did find records in the familysearch archive this morning – but i don’t understand them:

    there are 2 James Forrest Younges with D.R. numbers of 64/1 7885 and 805/59 16717.

    I presume he was the latter, since the ink is darker… perhaps I’ll just trawl through ’59 on the yearly index


  5. I found it:

    It has no details at all unfortunately – even says “pro forma” at the top


  6. Cool! I see if I can find something more while I’m in SLC. Planning on going to the library tomorrow.


  7. Just tried looking in the Bulawayo death registers online, but they don’t have 1959 records for some reason. Hopefully SLC will have something.


  8. Hi Scott and Luke, Ian Beresford Forrest Younge here. To add another piece of the puzzle, here is the death date of James Forrest Younge husband of Francis Mabel (nee Kayser) Younge. 12th September 1959. Buried in Airforce cemetary Marandellas, grave number 223 in the general section, no headstone. I visited the grave in 1972 after getting the information from Aunt and Uncle Fred and Millie Mac Donald, Denise’s parents. Millie Mac Donald was one of my mother’s sisters. My father was James Forrest Younge, son of Ethel Mary Bayman and James Forrest Younge (1st). I also have a bit of background from Mrs. Van whom I visited in 1980 after my first wife passed away when I went to Zimbabwe with my two young daughters. We stayed with Denise Bell and family. Mrs Van I think must have been Ethel, my father’s eldest sister. She was staying with her daughter, Ethel Short in 69 Stratford road Montrose Buluwayo. She had not seen me since we left Zim when I was 5 yrs of age. She was very talkative, liked our Dad and already a semi invalid. She gave me a few photos and told me of some medals he had got while in the airforce, had had a mine and had been staying with a sister. She gave me her son, George van Pletzen’s address and Gavin and I met with him in JHB. George had a family tree but we did not get it from him.


    • Scott van Pletzen-Rands

      Hi Ian!

      Thanks for sharing the death information for your father. I enjoyed reading about your visit with Grannie Van. And, yes, she was Ethel Bayman Younge (known as “Dolly”), the eldest child for James Forrest Younge and Ethel Mary Bayman. George van Pletzen was my father-in-law. He died four years ago in Paterson, Eastern Cape. His wife, Helen, is here visiting in Buffalo, New York, for our summer. I have George’s family tree, and have been able to build on it somewhat. I just added a couple of posts of the ancestries of James Forrest Younge and Ethel Mary Bayman so you can see what I have so far. If you can add anything, that would be wonderful!



  9. Hello, thank you for posting this, it’s really interesting to read about our family!



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