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Grace Greenwood Rands 1911-2009

My grandmother, Grace Greenwood Rands, died in September. She was almost 98 years old, but that didn’t really slow her down.

I ended up inheriting a lot of old family pictures and written histories, as well as some genealogy that my great-grandmother and her sister were doing. I’m working on scanning the pictures and typing the histories to put on a website so that the family can have access to them.

I’m fairly new at this, but extremely passionate about preserving these things. Along with pictures there are newspaper clippings and letters…even my great-great-grandfather’s eyeglasses! They are quite something, but a lot of organizing, cataloguing, scanning, typing, etc. With another New York City winter coming, I anticipate spending some time indoors and hope to get it done by spring.

Any tips on preserving old photos and such are appreciated though….