Monthly Archives: August 2007

Home with a Cause

We arrived back home from South Africa this past Friday night. It was a wonderful trip, full of laughter, tears, joy and sorrow. I was inspired by the AIDS orphanage in Paterson (where my in-laws live).

The Isipho HIV/AIDS Project takes care of the many children in their small town whose families have been decimated by AIDS. The four “employees” (who receive very little compensation for their efforts) take care of over 100 children every day, making sure they each have a safe place to sleep each night, eat every day and get off to school.

Isipho Orphans with Esmé       Cutest little girl in the world!      Cebisa, Thebisa, Zameka and Welekazi       Sindyswa, Helen and baby Isipho

I was so inspired that I’ve decided that it will be the focus of my wild activist side. I will be starting a new blog, dedicated to Isipho, and AIDS and poverty in Southern Africa in general, both to help make people more aware, as well as raise money for Isipho.

Watch for an upcoming announcement about that soon!