Mary Compton–Woman of (slightly less) Mystery, revisited

My younger sister and I spent the afternoon rolling through microfilms and found that Mary Compton’s veil of mystique is beginning to crack! We found a 170-year-old marriage record of her marriage to Granville Hendricks, and it actually mentions her age, where she lived at the time, and a relative’s name (although we don’t know exactly how they are related, and can’t find that particular person in any other records of the time).

Original Granville and Mary marriage record

Admittedly…..this is old, and hard to read. We thought so, too. Fortunately, we found a prettier copier. Apparently, even 170 years ago (or maybe a little later), someone else thought it was a little tough, and wrote it out nicer.

Prettier copy of Granville and Mary marriage record

Now, we just need to find out who this David Compton is!!


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